For the purposes of our services, the definitions are as follows:

“Children” or “Child” means any user under the age of 13.

“Personal Information” means any information relating to a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, or an online identifier.

“Platform” means our Crypto-Bike platform, the ultimate virtual universe where imagination rules.

“Privacy Policy” or “Policy” means this Crypto-Bike Privacy Policy.

“Processing” means any operation which is performed on Personal Information, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or any kind of disclosure or other use.

“Service” means any service or application offered by Crypto-Bike, such as allowing users to develop Platform experiences, connect with others, and use content created by you and other users.

Any other capitalized term that is not defined in this Policy is defined and has the meaning set out in our Terms of Use.


2.Information Collected on our Corporate Websites

We have a number of corporate websites, such as:


 These sites explain our technology and who works at Crypto-Bike. While these websites are generally aimed at adults, you can also visit them to learn more about Crypto-Bike as a company.

We only collect information from people on these websites.


3.Information You Provide when Setting Up an Account on Crypto-Bike


Everyone on Crypto-Bike has to create an account in order to participate in our experiences.

When you create a Crypto-Bike account, we will ask you to choose a unique username and password (so that you can log into your account).

We will also ask you for your date of birth, your gender, the country you live in and which language you speak.

You must not create a username that includes your real name. It is also important to create a password that is not easy to guess. You may share your password with your parent(s) or legal guardian, but never share it with anyone else, not even your friends.

You can also add an email address to your account in case you cannot remember your password and need to reset it.


4.Additional Personal Information We Collect When You Use Crypto-Bike Features

You don't have to share any additional personal information with us (other than the information described above) to use our websites or app. We may collect other personal information when you use our platform, for example, if you or your parents buy our product, we will collect additional information from the buyer in order to take the payment such as your name, billing address, email address and payment card details or other payment information.

When you type content on Crypto-Bike in public chat, private chat, forums, group walls, personal posts or portfolios, we will monitor what you write to check that they do not contain swear words, your personal information or chat that is not suitable for users to have on Crypto-Bike.

If you contact us, for example, about a problem with our services, we may collect your contact information, such as your email address and other important information about your issue or concern. We will only use this information to solve your problem/concerns and to be able to reply to you.

When you browse and use our websites and app we might collect information about your actions on the website and app to make your experience better. For example, we might look at your search history and suggest other games that are similar.

We might also collect information from your device when you visit our websites, as outlined in the “cookies policy” section.

If you or your parent(s) want more information about the additional personal information we may collect, it can be found in the detailed section of our full privacy policy.

Any information that you give to us or that we collect might be used to:

keep the website and/or app running and to improve it;

give you access to the website or app and additional features, or to restrict your access;

make the content on the website or app personalized to you and make it easier for you to use;

help you look after your Crypto-Bike account, like changing your account settings, and pay for our products;

detect security incidents and protect against bad or illegal activity, and find those responsible for that activity; and

protect your safety.

If your parents want more detail about this, they can view our full privacy policy.


5.Cookies and Similar Technologies

We use tracking technology (such as "Cookies") on our websites and app to help us understand and improve our service, as well as to understand your preferences. A Cookie allows us to remember your actions and preferences on the website (such as your login details, your language settings and your font size preference) over a period of time so you don't have to re-enter them whenever you come back to the website or browse from one page to another. We will also remember your favorite games and friends.

If your parents or guardians want more information about Cookies and similar tracking technology, they can view our full privacy policy.


6.Information Sharing

Crypto-Bike doesn’t sell your information to other companies for them to use as they want.

Crypto-Bike does have relationships with some companies that help us provide our services (for example, when you or your parents purchase our products), so we may provide some of your information to them, but only because we need to in order to complete your transaction.

We also hire other people and companies to perform services for us. A list of some of the companies we may use to perform these functions can be found in the detailed version of our privacy policy.The other companies are only allowed to use the personal information we share with them to complete tasks that we hire them to do. They are not allowed to sell your personal information or use it for their own purposes.

Public forums and community areas

There are some areas on Crypto-Bike such as in game chat where you can communicate with other Crypto-Bike users. These are public places and anything you share in these areas is available to other Crypto-Bike users who can access the same places. You should remember this before you post any information in these public areas. As you know, Crypto-Bike wants to create a safe space for all its users, so we do not allow you to share any personal information about yourself such as your name, where you live, or your email address.


We share your username, display name, location and user ID with the creators of the experiences you access.

Legal disclosures, business transfers, and other important content

If you or your parents or guardians want details about our legal disclosures, business transfers and other important content, they can view our full privacy policy.


7.Security and Data Retention

The security of your information is important to us. We have measures in place to protect it against loss, misuse, or tampering. However, no security measures are 100% effective, so we cannot guarantee against these risks.

How long do we keep your information for?

We will only keep your information for as long as we need to.


8.External Links

Sometimes you may find a link to another company’s website on our website or app. We aren’t responsible for that company’s privacy policies or content. If you are being directed to another site, we may display a warning message to give you a heads up.


9.Children’s Privacy and Parental Controls

As a user you are entitled to additional protections for your information and privacy online. When you register an account with Crypto-Bike, we make sure your account is set to a restrictive mode, which means that you won’t have access to certain features, such as social media links, if you are not 13 or over and your text filtering will be restricted. These additional measures are in place to keep you as safe as possible online.

If your parent or guardian's email address is provided to us when you create an account on Crypto-Bike, we may share information about your account with them by email. We can also invite your parent or guardian to review or update settings and approve your account.

If you or your parents or guardian would like more information about the restrictive account mode, or parental controls available to them, please review our full privacy policy.

If you are a parent and need to make changes to your child’s account, you can contact us by completing this customer support form. 




10.Accessing and Updating Your Personal Information

If you want to fix any of your personal information, or if you want us to delete your personal information, you can contact us by completing this customer support form.

We will get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.


11.Storage and International Transfer of Your Personal Information

Crypto-Bike stores your information in the Polish servers.

The privacy laws of Poland may not be as strict as those in your country (especially if you live in the UK), but we always take reasonable steps to protect your information and your privacy rights.


12.Your Privacy Rights

You may have additional "rights" when it comes to your information. You can ask us to:

  • Give you a copy of the personal information we have collected about you in the last year;
  • Fix your personal information if it is incorrect;
  • Delete some of your personal information; and
  • Request us to stop using your information in some situations.


13.Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

We update this privacy policy sometimes, so you should review this site regularly. We always publish the date of the latest version at the bottom of this page.

If we make any major changes, we will let you know by email (if we have your email address) or by showing a prominent notice on this website or in app prior to the change becoming effective. If required by law, we will obtain your parent’s consent if any of these changes impact you.